Saturday, August 01, 2009

best friend .

who is a best friend ? is he or she the person makes u laugh ? is he the person who shares great times with u ? is he the person who features in ur happy memories but strangely does not seem to feature even in a single sad memory ?many of us think that a best friend is the person who cheers you up when you are feeling down and is always there when u r enjoying yourself ..

a best friend should always be there 4 u even during hard times . he or she is someone who is dependable . there are so many people who can cheer you up , laugh wif u n enjoy things with u . but how many actually willing 2 listen to ur problem over n over again . how many actually do not mind listening to u whinning about something which does not even seem a big deal ??

then again human relationship is so complex that it would be difficult to define or qualify especially that aspect we call frienship . as long as basic qualities such as trust , loyalty or sincerity are present , it is a strong frienship and both patries can be called best of friends ..

to nurul amira zakaria . i love u so much adeq . tengs 4 everything . i love u .