Friday, April 23, 2010

new blog

hey readers HOHO . i just created a new blog la sayang sayangku semua
huhu blog ni sudah xkan diupdate da .. coz aku akan update kat blog baru aku je
jemput jemput la singgah ye
thank you !

Thursday, April 15, 2010

happy birthday !

happy birthday nawi !
good luck in your life LOL

Forget the time he walked by ,
forget the times he made me cry ,
forget the times he spoke my name ,
remember now your not the same ,
forget the times he hold my hand ,
forget the times he hug me when im sulking ,
forget the times when he kiss me ,
his laugh , his voice , his joke ,
forget everything about him ,
cause now he's just your friend ,
but i cant erase ur name in my heart
thank for being mine even in a short while
but its really meant to me

i created this blog because u asked me to do so
and now i will leave n back off from this blog
because there were a lots of our memories
our sweet memories dear
im sick when i read back my older posts about u and about us
i'll crying when i read 'them'
i hope it will happen again one day
and this is the reason y im going to leave this blog
ok take care nawi
good luck for the last paper esok !
and and and this will be the last post LOL

friend <3

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


psst saye nak tukar link after final ni
jadi sesiape still nak bace entry saye boleh mintak link tue eah ?

coz erm saye memang cadang nak tukar link pon

dah lame dah =.="

oke ?