Sunday, December 27, 2009

ouh blik matrik !

ouh arini balik matrix
malas nak post byk2 haha
naik KTM sahaja coz ayah xnak antar
haish ;(
sumpaah penadd naik ktm
ouh 4 january aku exam then cuti 2 weeks
doakan saye ok !

ok salam semua ^.^

Saturday, December 19, 2009

gonna miss u !

the right one

Amira , she’s going to SPA this week .
im kinda sad when she told me that she will be away from matrix .
your result is not too bad dekkk ,
a few months more to end up our study ,
I think your 3.44 pointer is quite qualified to take engineering course ,
butt she will be away to SPA with her own reasons ,
if I were in her shoes the same things gonna be happen too ,
yeahh I know its not your 100% decision ,
I do understand you , I love you damn hard !
im going to class alone once you are not here .
no more you, the one who keep biting my arms ,
no more u in kmns ouh i gonna miss u adeq
the one who keep flirting me , GEDIK-ING with me ,
damn sad if no more you dekk , there will be me ,
yana and farah ONLY , but as friend ,
I do understand your condition ,
hope you’ll do d best in your life ,
this is just for u

Someone to lean on .
someone to love with arms wide open
you offer a hug

someone to cry with
laugh with a smile
someone to make
every moment worthwhile

when time get rough
and my world falls apart
youre someone I run to
you offer your heart

from tearful shoulders
to stomach-aching laughs
you’re someone I need
and someone everyone should have

you are someone who can always
show me the brighter side
and I can always tell u
what I feel inside

someone to be thankful for
someone who never forget
you’re someone special I’ll always love
you’re the best friend I’ve ever met

Friday, December 18, 2009

buday boy ^.^


today was fadzli's birthday
18 december 2009
he was my ex boyfriend but now he just my bestfriend ok !
( ade yang tye xnak kapel balik ke memandangkan aku nga single sekrng )
ouh i dont know la nak answer ape ^.^
ouh er x kowt . ehh ntah la ahh
malas nak pikir pkir
just bialah allah yang menentukan segalanya
ouh anda sudah tua
no matter what happen u still the first ok !
tengs until now still care bout me
im rely appriciate it ^.^

last week msg ngn girl yang admire dye ^.^
ouh i forgot her name laa
but she quite good ;)
haha nanti lau korang kapel btaw la
but fadzli ? i noe u still love me ryte ;)
( joking joking )

semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki
about buday present nanti lau kua i bagi okie ?




this is my sayang ^.^
i love her so damn fucking much

she was my drugs and im so addicted on it
shes gorgeous + pretty + handsome + awesome + sporting
she will be always with me even though in a hard situation and the most thing is
she always support me in whatever situation that i had before
i really love u
liyana athira a.k.a lana a.k.a yana

orang maybe x paham kowt haha pasal pic ni bia aku terang siket . group bi yana buat presentation pasal produk kecantikan . so ni la muke dye . harap korang paham huhu