Friday, November 06, 2009

last last last

Ok this is my last-update-post for now
because i will continue my study or sem 2 in n9 matriculation college .
ouh i still can’t believe that time move too fast OMG its too fast ouh.
I really hate that college , how come huh ?
but i love my friends there .
my roommates ( wawa annoy n aini )
my practicum . my besties . yana adeq fara amy zura akk ouh ramai lagi ouh ,
sorang sgt sgt sengal . yeah i miss them a lot .
but i dun want to go to that prison , IDKY .
haish . ntah .
rase x happy bile kat sane .
rase jauh sgt dgn family .
ouh damn , rase sunyi . but i have a lot of friends .
yeah that true .
dorang sgt2 caring sgt2 sengal sgt syg .
wow sgt terharu dgn dorang .
ok but whatever it is aku mmg akan kene pergi
n aku try nak happykan diri aku yang x happy .
n aku ihope that i will get 3.5 above in PSPM ( boleyh ke sheera )
ouh i must convince myself that i will achieve that target HOHO .
perhaps i can get it ! chayok2 .
so to all readers please pray for me ok .
thank for ur kindness .
ok la
thats all
assalamualaikum ^.^