Sunday, May 10, 2009

especially for fanta5 .

to : fanta5 .

before that sorry i cant attend to our lovely school on 9th may 2009 . it doesnt mean that i don't want to meet u there but my parents do not allow me to go there . its totally suck weh ! . i was crying on that time . they asked me to go there by bus . pfft . they never understand me . dorang bz sgt ke ?? seriously i miss u all . i miss our lepaking time in my dorm . makan megi 1 week b4 exam . 1 handphone for 3 simcard . i miss our revision time after switching off the lamp using shiqa's study lamp . yeah thx shiqa . i love korang ! sorry if i burden u all . thanks for being by my side in all things . no matter wahat happens we are still friend right ? i hope we still contact each other even though we'll study at different places . muax !

noor shafiqah abdullah .
i'm so glad for having a friend like you . sorry i have hurt you for many times . i slapped ur face n ragging u all the time . but i juz wanna say that i love u . i'm happy when i'm with u . and deep in my heart you are the best ok . thx for teaching me . i can't be a good friend to you but i'll try ok . well you are going to study abroad . gonna mish u dear . promise me u'll take care of yourself . jangan salah plih kawan ok . belajar pkai tdung coz u look much much better in tudung plus gorgeous ~! haha eyt thanks bagi pnjam fon smpai kaw nye fon hancuzz . haha serve you right ! haha bluek (;

azreen che hilmin
aze' !! u rox babe ! hahaha . i miss ur dance seriously larh . haha funny pon ade gak coz u like kne rasuk ! haha . and i like your style . i like ur hair . damn cool babe ! jealous since u have a very nice hair and ur teeth too . haha . tengs coz ajar me bi . i will improve it ok ! . such a very good english teacher when u write an essay . i love u aze !! miss u a lot ! aze don't be too boros ok haha

nurshakira abd shukor
hye my deskmate a.ka . my p.a !! love you weh . sorry coz selalu marah2 kaw . 2 bukan marah benci but ko yang buat hal dulu . so terime la padah nye . haha . and u like a -pengheboh cerita yang paling dasyat - kekadang rimas gak ngn kaw . haha sowi weh terkutuk kaw now ni . luahan hati la . tapi sumpah besh weh bile kawan ngn kaw . aku nak tergelak je pon ade taw . hahaha thx bagi pnjam fon dulu . coz nak contact fadzli . ko senang sgt terpengaruh ngn kawan shark . sebaik akuh ade dekat ngn kaw . tapi bile kite berpisah sape nak jage kaw !! sedih ~~ ko pon tolong cari kawan yang baik2 . ok . aku syg kaw . aku pon rndu kaw sesangat sangat .

raja nurul ain nawariah bt raje badakozzaman
hey gurl . yang selalu sulk ngn aku . kalu nak taw sila klik sini . haha . erm aku harap ko bace post aku ni suatu ari nt ok . bukan aku kupekan kaw . juz i dun have credits on dat tyme la . maklumlah x keje kan . but i always remember u ok nawa . haha sowi sowi sowi again . muah . love u !!